Tallasassy + the Heavy Meadow demos

by George Christian Pettis

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Hey y’all. These songs were written and recorded in the years 2014-16 in Tallahassee, FL and Atlanta, GA and Olympia, WA. They are songs about family, friends, (what’s the difference?) being sad, and relieving that sadness by driving back and forth across the country a couple times. Without Graham Tavel this tape would not exist. Without Anna Jeter, Liam Hindahl, and Thomas Lockwood it would sound like shit. Without Paul Elliott it would look like shit.

All songs written by George Christian Pettis
All songs produced by Graham Tavel and George Christian Pettis
Blah blah blahhhhh


released December 23, 2016

George - buncha stuff
Anna - vox
Thomas - fiddle on Atlanimals
Liam - drums on Atlanimals and Millionth Snow

artwork by Paul Elliott thanks Paul you ol' dog


all rights reserved



George Christian Pettis Olympia, Washington

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Track Name: Who Let the Sun In (ft. Anna Jeter)
who let the sun in?
Track Name: My Oh My
chill out
calm down
they like it when we misbehave
we only live once
so what?

come out
hit me up
free bowling every tuesday night
dollar shots too
let's roll

my oh my
such an awesome day to be alive and online
millions of strangers like me
I am so free
I don't even have my own TV
I can stream all my favorite shows anyway

Oh my oh my
those other cars can just pass us by
me and Penelope
we don't really go over 60
Track Name: Atlanimals
i was born down in Georgia
raised in Decatur
my home is East Atlanta
and I'm moving out of Georgia

my brother is a soldier
he battles in East Nashville
his friends are all coyotes
and delta refugees


my sister is a christian
she's not afraid of nothin
she says the drink will kill me
but I'll probably die of cancer


at a spot near Mt. Olympus
I saw mountains kissing water
the clouds could not pass over
which explains the weather system

it's true nothing satisfies me
like the thought of being elsewhere
it feels a little childish
but my friends all feel the same way

(chorus) x2

home is where ya want to
friends are who ya need to
life is what ya get to
and love is what ya been through
Track Name: Tides of Time
think not of your mother
she died trying to remember you
and in your darkest hour
your strength comes not through power

but oh the tides of time
filling the cups in your eyes
they'll both burn bright and then become a state of nothingness again
Track Name: Ashtray (ft. Anna Jeter)
I don't recognize myself anymore
like the over-full ashtray sittin by the front door
I know that pain is not the same thing as art
and being well-read is not the same as being smart

the days back when were tougher than I ever gave em credit for
sometimes I feel like a general and a foot soldier in the same damn war

I don't recognize myself anymore
like the overturned ashtray that lives by the front door
I know that pain is not the same thing as art
and being well-read is not the same as being smart
Track Name: Sunny Tennessee
you're no friend of mine
and frankly I don't have the time to occupy myself with any troubles but my own

they'll find me dead at my desk
I wish my widow all the best
she'll drink and think of the years she simply gave away

would you come and visit me down in sunny Tennessee?
it's winter now, but the clouds are some of the best I've ever seen
and it's no fun to obsess over your eventual death
in truth, what have you done that's worth your breath?
Track Name: Millionth Snow
down by the water with a kissin stone
is it any wonder?
walkin next to you feels like I'm walkin alone
is it any wonder?

oh my darling one
you are my shining sun

hop in the middle and away we go
is it any wonder?
to the upper crescent for the millionth snow
is it any wonder?

oh my darling one
you are my shining sun

will you take your hand in mine?
like a royal lost in time
your words are like they're written down
your thoughts precise and logic sound
I'm a caveman with a gun
you're the goddess in the sun
oh you're the goddess in the sun
oh you're the goddess in the sun

am I bound to die?
am I bound to change your mind?
Track Name: Terrible Life Decisions (demo)
I don't see the point
I don't see why I can't tell a lie to someone I don't care about

if you ever go
if you decide to leave, I forgive you
and I won't forget the sex we had

I'm a tree
no wait I'm a fish, in an estuary swimmin
how am I going to pay my rent?

you're the tree
a Douglas fir that's struggling neath even larger trees
longing for the sun, a home to birds
Track Name: Shepherd (demo)
my old man, he works as hard as he can
I've been told that he was young when he grew old

where do you go when you're all alone?
who do you see in the pages of that book?

now my hands have cracks just like my old man's
I guess they're the first part of your body to show

where do you go when you're all alone?
who do you call when you're feelin low down?
I have a feeling there's more to know
when do you feel like you're not somebody's dad?
Track Name: The Ballad of Pat and Eugene
lol I'm not typin all that shit up

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